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early in my cosplay career, i was really upset over my hair and height because i was never really able to cosplay any of the (anime/video game) characters i loved without hardcore makeup and wigs or anything like that. 2013 gave me clara oswald, a girl near and dear to my own heart who i can safely say is my favorite character i’ve ever cosplayed. 2013 for me was the year of clara, and i can’t wait to continue doing what i love as doctor who goes on. <3

[pictured: asylum of the daleks, the bells of st. john, the rings of akhaten, cold war, hide, journey to the centre of the tardis, nightmare in silver, the name of the doctor, the day of the doctor, the time of the doctor]

you can find some more photos of my cosplay here

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    ooc; just thought i’d throw my cosplay year in review at y’all because i’m a+ proud of it. c:
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